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The Image Data Resource (IDR) is a public repository of image datasets from published scientific studies, where the community can submit, search and access high-quality bio-image data.


From publication to IDR

Find a specific IDR study from a publication. View images and Regions of Interest (ROIs) in IDR. Explore study metadata.

From gene to phenotypes

Query images by gene. Explore retrieved images and metadata, including associated phenotypes. View images in context of a plate.

From compound to analytics

Query images by compound. Find SARS-CoV-2 dataset. Explore images in relation to analytical data submitted by authors.

The IDR server is built with OMERO, allowing access to all image data and metadata via an open API in Python, R, Java, MATLAB and REST/JSON. See the OMERO API guide for more information.

For examples of analysis tools working with OMERO to access and analyze data, see the analysis tools guide.

Analysis environment setup

Set-up local or on-the-cloud analysis environment. Access images and metadata using API. Run analysis examples. Add your own code.

Segment image and compare

Fetch image and labels from IDR. Segment nuclei using StarDist. Compare new labels with original. Validate software package. Save locally segmentation polygons as geojson.

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